Fulbright Scholarships: Basic Instructions On How To Apply

More than 1500 SA citizens has completed their master’s and doctoral degrees with the Fulbright scholarships Exchange program. This program has been in working since 1953 and still offers great study experiences for applicants yearly. Their main aim is to uplift and assist in growth in disadvantaged countries and communities around the globe. They seek gifted individuals who are committed to making a change in the world and SA for their programs.

Fulbright Scholarships Available

Different options or career fields are many accessible for interested applicants yearly. We have added some of these fields for study below but there may be many more. These are only a guideline for applicants.

Basic fields include:

Human Rights

Many of the programs provided by Fulbright scholarships can run from eight-months up to a two-year period. Medical fields that requires laboratory study might not include laboratory fees.

Fulbright Scholarships Requirements

Below is a list of the basic requirements or stipulations you must have to be eligible to apply. Gender, race and age will not have an impact on your application.

Fulbright scholarship basic stipulations:

  • Applicants must be citizens of SA
  • You must hold a valid ID book and Passport if required
  • Candidates must have a legal Matric certification
  • Depending on field of application you may need to hold a degree or other form of qualification
  • Applicants must be proficient in English
  • Applicants who have previously held a Fulbright Scholarship may not apply
  • You must be in excellent health

Fulbright Scholarships Application

Fulbright scholarships application are accessible through the Fulbright Website. You can read about their scholarship programs on their website. You must read all the instructions for applying with care. Applicants who are selected will be added to the shortlist. Only those who make this list will be contacted and an interview arraigned. You must register on the Fulbright site and login to apply. Applicants can furthermore send an email to Fulbright Program SAfrica@state.gov or visit the U.S. Embassy in Pretoria.

Selected applicants may be required to partake in a complete medical examination. An English language test may also be requested and all qualifications verified. It is beneficial to submit a complete curriculum vitae and recommendation letters with your application. Incomplete applications or those without all required documentation will not be considered. This will also apply to late applications.

Fulbright Scholarships Closing Date

The closing date for scholarships vary slightly. This is due to the variety of programs offered by Fulbright. Applicants should carefully read all the supplied information before applying. If you are unsure send them an email or visit the U.S. Embassy for more detail.

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