Availabe Scholarships for Aviation in South Africa For 2017

With Scholarships for Aviation you can become a flight instructor, aircraft developer, navigation specialist or pilot a commercial aircraft. If you dream of flying or assisting even, then aviation may be the perfect field for you. Here is more detail on available scholarships for aviation, study fields, companies and requirements.

Aviation not only includes being a pilot. It covers a broad spectrum of career fields. Aviation is the art of aeronautics, it includes designing, production, development and operation of all flying crafts. It is used daily for personal, business and military purposes. The desire to fly can be dated back to the 1800’s, yet, real progress and innovation were only seen during the 1900’s. After the 1930’s it was no longer a lonely industry as passengers could now be transported due to modern technological advancements. These days we have a variety of aviation crafts catering to different industries and needs. Aviation is a rewarding field, it can be fun and even profitable.

Scholarships for aviation Available

Aviation scholarships have a variety of fields to consider. We have listed some of these fields for consideration in the aviation industry. These are only some and not all fields available.

Aviation Scholarships Fields may include:

  • Helicopter Pilot
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Pilot
  • Flight Attendants
  • Dispatcher
  • Scheduler
  • Aviation Management
  • Flight Technician
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Aircraft Builder
  • Aeronautical Medical Practitioner
  • Aircraft Mechanic

Most scholarships for aviation cover tuition cost, meals and accommodation. The total amount of the scholarship or costs covered will vary with each company.

Companies offering Scholarships for Aviation

Scholarships for Aviation Requirements

Each company making scholarships for aviation available will have a set of requirements that must be met to be eligible. Here is some of the basic requirements you have to meet before applying. Nonetheless, you must confirm that you meet the stipulations as set out by the individual company you are applying to.

Basic aviation scholarship requirements may include:

  • Learners must hold a valid ID document
  • You must be a citizen of South Africa
  • Learners must have a valid Grade 12 certificate
  • You must have excellent academic records
  • Learners must be fluent in English

Applicants with a disability and those from previously disadvantaged backgrounds are also welcome to apply. Disabled applicants must provide a medical certificate with the nature of their disability explained.


Scholarships for aviation application online can be easily accessed on each company’s website. If they do not have an online application process the alternative method will be explained. Many companies use email or postage methods and will state it on the application advertisement.

You must ensure you certify and attach all required documentation to the application before submitting. Applications missing documentation or that is received late will be discarded. This also applies to any applications not completed in full. A current curriculum vitae should also be attached to your application.

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. An interview, medical assessment, and other assessments may be required before final awarding of scholarships.

Closing Date

Closing dates for aviation scholarships will depend on the company providing it. Some open the end of the year and close the beginning of the next. Others may only open the beginning of the year and close the middle of the year. However, the closing date will be stated on the company’s website and/or application form.

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