List of Scholarships for College Students in South Africa 2017

There is a wide world available for you to consider as a college student. Scholarships for college students can assist you to reach your dreams and complete your education. These scholarships are usually based on merit, need, career option, creativity and the requirements. These scholarships include fields from the basics such as administration to public health, development, projects, management and more.

A learner’s abilities, academic achievements and pursuits are all considered. If you are talented and would love to complete your academic studies, you can look at the scholarships offered for college students.

Scholarships for College Students Available

Available study fields include the ones listed here and many more. Each company offering scholarships for college students will have a list of fields offered. These will be listed on their website.

Fields of study available with scholarships for college students:

  • Education
  • Research
  • Administration
  • Management
  • Commerce
  • Finance
  • Health Care
  • Arts
  • Planning
  • Development

Companies offering scholarships for college students


There is a number of requirements that must be met by every applicant to be eligible.

  • Scholarships for College Students basic stipulations:
  • You must be a citizen of South Africa
  • Learners must hold a legal ID document or book
  • Applicants must have a Grade 12 or Matric certification
  • Learners must be younger than 30
  • You must not hold another scholarship or bursary
  • Learners must be willing to travel if required
  • Applicants must be fluent in English

Most scholarships will cover basic costs. These can include full tuition, book fees, accommodation, meals and flight where applicable. Applicants who have a disability is invited to apply. Candidates with a disability must provide a medical certificate with their application. Learners must also provide a curriculum vitae with current contact detail, recommendation letters and a copy of their ID.


Scholarships for college student’s application online is made accessible through most of the companies. Some may have alternative methods and these will be displayed on their website. The application must be completed in full and all documentation supplied must be copies. These copies must be certified before submitting them along with the application.

Applications that are delivered late, incomplete or do not have all required documentation will be rejected. Learners who are selected will be placed on a shortlist. These candidates may be asked to attend an interview or additional assessments before the scholarship is awarded.

Closing Date

Closing dates will vary depending on the company you are applying to. These can be any date from January to December every year. Each company or institute offering these scholarships has their own opening and closing dates.

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  1. Derrick Obwoyere Daniel

    With affirmation and clarity,I’m now equipped with the required information to take note to before my application of taking studies in Planning at the aspired foreign country of,South Africa for further studies to pursue a Masters level degree at the University of South Africa from the manual guide provided above.It has adequate information and acts as a tool of clarity to those wishing to apply for at the University,like I do.I’m hopefully looking forward to your response and further guidance on what it entails for me,a student from Kenya to be a part of the University faculty.Thank you

  2. Thandokuhle

    I am Thandokuhle Mahlaba, I just want to ask if it is possible for SAA to sponsor a person who wants to go study overseas for any course. thank you.

  3. lebogang

    hello, I’m doing LEVEL 3 this year in office administration, I don’t have matric, can I still apply.


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